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History & Memoir
"Youngwolfe Accused" — This Land Press

The article that launched my first book was highlighted in a Best of This Land" retrospective for the nationally recognized periodical, which was called "The New Yorker with balls" by Columbia Journalism Review. This piece tells the story of my grandfather's courageous defense of a falsely accused Cherokee man in 1953. Read article

Local News, Issues & Politics
"What the Teachers Want" — The Tulsa Voice

My front-page story in Tulsa's leading alternative magazine. One year after the Oklahoma public school teacher walkout I interviewed several former educators turned legislators on their goals, hopes and ambitions were for the 57th Legislature. Read article

"Heaven On Earth" — The Tulsa Voice

I interviewed preachers in downtown Tulsa's iconic Cathedral District to discover what role traditional cathedrals play in a Bible Belt city increasingly dominated by Evangelical mega church culture. Read article

"Prescription For Change" — The Tulsa Voice

I interviewed leaders at North Tulsa's Crossover Health Services to discover how their commitment to Christian charity inspires them to close the gap in healthcare disparities between Tulsa's richest and poorest communities. Read article

Pop Culture & Entertainment
"The Best War Movies Ever Made" —

Conflict has been a part of cinema since it began. I highlight the finest cinematic achievements in war films for the national fan culture website. Read article 

"Does #AllMyMovies Prove Shia LaBeouf is a Mad Genius?" — War Starts At Midnight

Shia LaBeouf engaged in a strange performance art experiment by streaming himself watching all of his movies in 2015. I playfully examine what LaBeouf's artistic antics reveal about our culture of narcissism. Read article

"Get Out of My Head Noah Baumbach!" — War Starts At Midnight

The acclaimed writer-director of Marriage Story, Frances Ha, The Squid & The Whale, doesn't just make movies I can relate to—he makes movies that make me satirically wonder if he's reading my mind. Read article

"The coolest drive-in theaters in America" —

The revival of the drive-in movie theater across America has seen an explosion of creativity. From unexpected movie pairings to clever snacks, I examine what makes these drive-in theaters the coolest. Read article



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