Oklahoma's Atticus

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"A powerful book that makes true-crime fiction seem tame and predictable." - Michael Wallis, bestselling author

About the Book

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1953, an impoverished Cherokee husband and father confesses to raping and murdering an 11-year old girl. He immediately recants his confession, saying he was coerced and threatened by the authorities. Nobody believes him, except for one man — Tulsa County public defender and Creek tribal member Elliott Howe.


The murder, investigation and trial made national news back in the 1950s. Now it has largely been forgotten. I'm lucky. I only know this story because Elliott Howe was my grandfather. 

- Hunter Howe Cates

Oklahoma's Atticus


“A powerful book that makes

true-crime fiction seem tame and predictable. Oklahoma’s Atticus does not sensationalize violence and human suffering but offers context and depth to a horrific crime that remains unsolved.”

Michael Wallis,

Bestselling Author

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